The optical table game management system that Rising Digital has developed for a major gaming manufacturer provides a highly advanced table game management and security system that employs state-of-the-art optical cameras and high performance computational hardware to recognize, track and analyze cards, chips, and players of table games, provide instant alerts to prevent casino losses from fraud and misconduct. This system eliminates mass supervision and causes table games profitability to increase dramatically. Every dealing error or attempt to cheat the table will be captured by camera in real time. Compatibility & easy installation to existing casino surveillance and IT systems. Revolutionizes casino and table game management forever.

The System identifies and recognizes cards placed on the table and tracks them. With the card information the system analyzes the procedure of the game.

The System uses a high definition color camera that is mounted inconspicuously on the top of the trend monitor. High performance computers are used to analyze real-time videos captured by the camera. The system can be standalone or connected in networks.