The Voodoo Engine is a 3D online game engine being developed by Rising Digital Corp. . and Brick House LLC. It is a MMO engine with client, server, patch server, patch client, installer, and editor. Client, server, and editor are built on a shared architecture that ludes a modern 3D engine, scaleable server design, and streaming environment technology for large, seamless, Warcraft-style worlds. The editor ludes a full suite of tools, making it easy to create and edit client and server data. Editor imports model, texture, and sound data from all popular sources. Client uses skinnable GUI system. Server uses Angelscript for scripting quests, NPCs, and other gameplay. The Voodoo Engine is the solution for building modern massively multiplayer online games without spending years developing an engine. The Voodoo Engine v1.0 will be launched late 2009.